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Best Way To Drink Water

            “ Best Way To Drink Water



As the heat starts, the body seems to need more water. Very few people know that there are special rules for drinking water too. If water is consumed in the way, then we can get more profit.


  1. Never drink water in excess quantity together. SIP and drink water. From this, juice released from the tongue’s glands reaches the body in combination with the water.


  1. It is beneficial to drink more water than normal in some diseases, such as fever, urination, urinary tract infections, constipation, burning of stomach etc.


  1. Drinking water in the middle of the meal can cause confusion in the digestive system. The juice that we receive from food, together with drinking water reduces their benefit.


  1. Drink water half an hour before eating and eat water after one hour of food. Drink a glass of water before sleeping.


  1. Avoid keeping anhydrous fast, this can increase blood pressure, dehydration and heart beat. Do not drink water after consuming lubricating foods, like milk, cream, butter, indigenous ghee, nuts, roasted grams, fruits and sweets etc. It causes fear of cough.


  1. Do not drink water even after cucumber, cucumber, watermelon, melon, synghed because they have a considerable amount of water. After drinking water, cholera may be at risk.
  2. Do not drink water immediately after coming from the sun, do not drink excessive physical labor and immediately after exercise because at that time the heat is born within the body. –