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Bread Is Also Harmful For The Body

      “ Bread Is Also Harmful For The Body


Breakfast and ‘bread’ complement each other in many homes in our country. If someone eats bread with butter, then with a spread of spreads. If someone eats a bread with jam, then put it in milk. The bread is also eaten with cream. The sandwich of bread is formed. The burgers and pizzas also have bread. Those who eat pakabhabi know that pad means bread only. We are roasted with bread every day and make a variety of dishes and eat them.


Most bakery items use the same flour as the bread is made. It contains biscuits, but do you know that bread can also be harmful to our health. It is so harmful that this can cause serious health hazards to our health many times. This danger is caused by a substance called ‘potassium bromate’. Chemical formula of potassium bromate is E924a. This means that in the language of chemistry, this substance is identified with this formula. Now you must be wondering what relation to this substance of bread. This is just a matter of understanding.


Mixing flour before potassium bromate before making bread is a common practice in India. This practice is prevalent in many other countries of the world. However, the controlled quantity of this substance is mixed in flour but if this quantity becomes even more then it is not properly digested and it can prove to be quite harmful for us.


Potassium bromate is added to it to improve the quality of flour. It is believed that by mixing it the bread blossoms well, looks very white and quickly digested. But how can such a beautiful bread be dangerous, we can only understand from this point that in 1990 the potassium bromate was banned in any of Europe by mixing it in any food item.


In the US, it was banned in 1991, but in California it is necessary to label the items made from this flour, in which it has to be clearly stated that the pot has got potassium bromate. In Canada this substance was banned in 1994.


We will not only have to be self conscious about this substance but also the people and the government of our country will have to pay attention to this so that the companies making other bakery products also stop using this substance. It should be restricted. After all, this is the question of the health of the people of our country.