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Dehydration Can Also cause Stones Problems

“ Dehydration Can Also cause Stones Problems “

Those people who work in hot environments or do some work in which they can not drink excessive water, they are more likely to become stones. Due to the change in climate, the temperature increases by 5 to 7 degrees, due to changes in the clot is increased by 30%. It has been observed that when people are transferred from the area of ​​hot temperatures to the area of ​​hot climation, then the problem of stone becomes greater. Due to dehydration can also cause stones problems. The disadvantages of dehydration are due to temperature rise. This happens when water gets released from the body due to perspiration and people do not drink enough amount of water for this lack of water in the body. Due to lack of water the concentration of urine increases and the risk of kidney stone formation increases.

1. Drink plenty of water during the day and at night so that your body is hydrated for 24 hours. If you do not forgo urine every two hours, it means that you are not drinking enough water. You should forgo 2.5 liters of urine every day.

2. Drink lemon juice because it is seen that the likelihood of stone is very less.

3. Reduce the intake of substances in which oxalate is in excess quantity – an acid which causes calcium oxalate kidney stones. These include drinking soda, ice tea, chocolate, rubabah (stem), strawberries and nuts.

4. Reduce caffeine intake because even if you think that you are taking a lot of fluid but dehydration can be due to more caffeine.

5. Reduce the intake of salt and make it a regular habit

. 6. Ask your doctor about the medicines that can help you save from stones. There are medicines that control acids, alkali and cysteine ​​in urine – all these factors help in making stones in the kidneys.