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Disadvantages Of Microwave

Disadvantages Of Microwave


The use of microwave in our daily life has become so common that it is impossible to make anything in the kitchen without it. From heating the cake to the making of cake it has become the daily necessity of life. However, we are telling you about some of the losses caused by the microwave.


It can destroy nutrients from your food and at very high temperatures it can turn your food into cancer-causing agents.


Is it safe to cook in the microwave? Today, Bolsheviks will tell you about some of the losses caused by the microwave oven. Let’s learn about the losses of cooking in the microwave.


Vitamin B12 deficiency


Foods containing vitamin B12 such as fish, liver etc., when cooked in the microwave, vitamin B12 decreases among them. The amount of vitamins present in them decreases because the heat of the microwave destroys it. Thus microwave has a bad effect on foods.


Destroys the mother’s milk


When frozen breast milk (mother of preserved milk) are lost its nutrients are then placed in the microwave and are fighting elements of bacteria in breast milk are also destroyed.


Destroys nutrients


The microwave high heat radiation completely destroys the nutrients of the food. It destroys all the proteins, vitamins and minerals from foods. Thus microwave radiation influences the food.


Microwave causes cancer in food


When the food in the microwave is made or heated in plastic utensil, plastic utensil leaves the toxic substances, which can cause cancer. These toxic substances are found in the food placed inside the plastic vessel.


Microwave can cause change in blood composition


The amount of red blood cells in the microwave and the amount of white blood cells increases. It also increases the level of cholesterol. Thus microwave damage the body.


Can cause heartbeat due to microwave


Is it safe to cook in the microwave? The radiation emitted from the microwave. If you have problems with abnormal heartbeat or chest pain, you should stop cooking in the microwave. This is also a negative effect of microwave.


Microwaves have less immunity


Because food items do not contain nutrients and antioxidants, it also affects the immune system. You must heat the food at a low temperature in the microwave. This also has a negative effect on cooking the microwave.