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Foods That Have 100% Pesticides In It


Foods That Have 100% Pesticides In It



The Environmental Executive Group releases a list of such food items every year, which contain very high quantities of pesticides. This means that you should always buy such substance organic because it is very difficult to separate these harmful pesticides from these substances.


The Environmental Executive Group analyzes the data received from the Agriculture Department every year and places them on the basis of pesticides present in food items.


Some easy tips you can use to avoid chemical free vegetables …


Pesticides can be spoiled due to eating fruits and vegetables not only for yourself but also for your children. Let us know which number of insecticides are available in the diet.


  1. Apple


According to researchers, more than 45 pesticides are found in apples. The reason for this is that the farmers spray different types of chemicals on them to protect them from insects and fungi.


  1. Strawberries


More than 40 pesticides are found on strawberries. However, frozen strawberries have fewer insecticides. If you are looking for an alternative to strawberries, then you can eat pineapple and kiwi.


  1. Grapes


The truth is that grapes are found in very high quantities of pesticides. However, according to an annual report, 50 different types of insecticides have been found in the imported grapes. Farmers spray more pesticides on them because they fear that all types of pests can attack on grapes. In the test of pesticides, too many quantities of pesticides were found in raisins, which is not surprising.


  1. Peach


More clearly, according to various studies, more than 60 pesticides are found on poultry. If you do not get organic peas wherever you live, then try to use other safe options such as melons, oranges, coconut or orange.


  1. Spinach


According to researchers more than 50 pesticides are found in spinach. Frozen spinach also contains many pesticides and fewer insecticides are found in the cancers found in cans.


  1. Cherry Tomatoes


Try to grow cherry tomatoes by itself. This does not require much space and it is not difficult to grow. If you can not grow them yourself, try to buy them from the organic farm market or from your local grocery store.


  1. Potatoes


Unfortunately this popular vegetable is considered to be the most poisonous vegetable of today. According to the USDA test, more than 30 pesticides are found in the potato. Shankarankaad is less likely to meet pesticides.


  1. Chilli


The truth is that there is a large amount of pesticide in pepper. Due to which the farmers spray pesticides on fruits and vegetables, they also cause insecticides on chillies. They are afraid that their products do not get spoiled. Use organic pepper.