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Healthy digestion function reflects healthy diets


Healthy digestion function reflects healthy diets


These days you can often hear people say that their stomach is not right, they have problems of gas or constipation etc. This is due to people consuming many harmful food. There are two reasons for digestive problems: 1. Following food fashion. 2. Chatting the tongue.


Indigestion digestion indicates that you should make changes in your food eating habit, otherwise you may experience many other problems such as migraine, stress, depression, joint pain, itching, pain etc. In this article we are telling you about foods that harm the digestive tract.


White bread:


Generally, people wake up in the morning and eat bread in breakfast. If you do not eat white bread then it will be fine. Eat brown bread instead of white bread, it does not contain flour.




Paste gets mouth in the mouth after hearing the name of pasta but the stomach gets tensioned. The quantity of flour is very high in pasta, which has to make the stomach hard to digest. If it does not digest properly, there is a terrible pain in the stomach


.Red Meet:


People think that red meat gets strength, but more power is spent to digest it. The stomach has to be full strength to digest red meat. However, it is used in abundance in sausages, hot dogs, burgers. If there is excess of fat and sodium in it, the disadvantages of digestion activity are high.




Due to eating more than a small chocolate in the day, the digestion begins to get disturbed. Since chocolate contains caffeine, it gives energy to the body but it makes it difficult for the stomach to handle its rest of the property.




Intake of alcohol leads directly to stomach cells, which causes problems in digesting the rest of the food.




Coffee contains the amount of caffeine, it removes stress-causing hormones, but there is an impact on the immune system and the digestion system.


Dairy Products:


Lactose content is high in milk products. Many times it also causes stomach pain. If you have pain in your stomach often and you do not consume any of the things given above, then stop consuming milk and milk products.


Chilean Piper:


Our tongue likes the test of Chilean piper very much, but it consumes our stomach difficulties.


Fried food:


By consuming pakode-kachodi etc., heavy amounts of oil in the stomach get together, which makes it difficult to digest.




All drinks containing sodium are acid, which disturbs the inner mechanism of the stomach.