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Never Do This Things After Eating Lunch!


Never Do This Things After Eating Lunch



Do you go out after a heavy lunch to stop immediately? Maybe you do not go but many people like you do this everyday. This is a very harmful habit that should be stopped immediately.


According to the Expert, our digestive system is so strong that whatever you eat in the lunch, whatever you eat, it will digest everything. Our stomach digs food properly and gives all the necessary nutrients as energy.


But at the same time our system of stomach is also sensitive and does not work properly when you suffer from it. Therefore it is necessary to rest for 15-20 minutes after lunch after lunch.


Let us know what many people do after mistakes after the lunch, which has a bad effect on their hands.


Brush teeth


After lunch, the brush should not be done at all. If you have eaten a citrus diet then brushing the teeth will remove the tooth layer immediately, which we call enamel.


Drink too much water


If you drink lots of water after eating food then it affects your digestive system. It can also lead to many stomach disorders.


To smoke


After the lunch, blood circulation of the body is intensified. But after that, when you smoke, its blisters easily break into your body and harm the lungs and kidneys.


Go to the walk


After eating lunch, after going to the walk, the nutrition of food could not be sustained by the good tahas in the body.




A lot of blood is needed to digest food, in which the brain helps. But if you put your full attention on driving after eating then the brain will not be able to work to digest your food.




There may be many digestive disorders by sleeping after eating. It can also cause gas to you.


having tea


An acid is found in tea which does not allow the protein to digest the protein from our body. Drinking tea does not eat food quickly.




Immediately after eating, the hands, feet and body of the body on the bath will grow around the stomach or else it will decrease. This will slow digestion and you may also get sick.


Go to gym


Even if you go to the gym, your body’s metabolism will be reduced and you will not be able to digest properly.


Eat not fruit


Eating fruit immediately becomes a gas in the stomach and the stomach gets blown.



The first swim before lunch is good but after doing it spoils the digestive system. It looks like nausea.


Stairs climbing


Stairs should not be eaten after eating because the food digesting juice becomes weak, which can lead to acidity problems.


this are the points what you not do after eating lunch.