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What do you think about lemon water?

The common myth about lemon water is weight loss, but still warm lemon water on an empty stomach helps to boost the metabolism and thus support the weight loss process. Lemon also act as a rich source of vitamins and antioxidant, which means lots of energy, which you can receive in the morning to have an energetic day.

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Lemon has humongous benefits but remember every coin has two sides. You may feel that the simple solution is very good for your weight loss process but unfortunately, this remedy is not good for your dental health. The acid in lemon, when combined with warm water, makes your tooth enamel weak. Therefore, it is advisable not to brush your teeth immediately after drinking the lemon water because the damage of your teeth is in high extent.

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Despite the risks you impose your teeth to, there are precautions you can take and keep your teeth healthy while having warm lemon water in the morning. You might be forced to avoid warm water and instead use room temperature water since this will reduce the impact of the acid on the tooth enamel. Again don’t sip the drink, instead, use a straw to make minimum contact with the teeth. Lastly don’t brush your teeth immediately after having the lemon drink; take a break of 45 minutes to one hour. When brushing you can add some drops of lemon water to the toothbrush to maintain a fresh breath and clean teeth.


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How to make a lemon drink and ensure you maximise the health benefits of a lemon:

Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a glass of room temperature water and drink it first thing in the morning.


Lemons are loaded with lots of nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, folate and iron hence recommended for our body simply because of the following:

  1. Lemons acts as an anti-cancer agents
  2. Lemon can help your lymph system.
  3. Lemon can help your brainpower.
  4. Lemon aids weight loss.
  5. Lemon can liven your moods.
  6. Lemon have anti-inflammatory properties.
  7. Lemon juice aids in digestion.
  8. Lemon cleans and clears your skin.
  9. Lemon can balance body PH levels.
  10. Lemon can aid in curing a cold.

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