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Herbal name: Dioscorea rotundata

While yams seem fundamentally the same as sweet potatoes, they’re very extraordinary. Actually, they’re not in any case related. Yams have a place with the Dioscoreae or morning radiance family, while sweet potatoes are from the variety Convolvulaceae. Yams (from the African word “nyami,” signifying “to eat”) have just a single embryonic seed leaf, while sweet potatoes have two.


Yams are developed all through Africa, yet Nigeria is the world’s most productive maker, trading to 70% of the world market. Near 200 types of yams are eaten around the world, however other than those discovered wrapped separately in stores, they aren’t effortlessly found on American deliver racks. Well known assortments incorporate Hawaiian yam, Korean yam, and sweet yam.


Contrasted with sweet potatoes, yams are typically longer – now and again as long as a few feet – and not as sweet, having an unpleasant, dull orange or dark colored surface that resembles tree covering. They’re typically reaped following a time of vine development, dried for a few hours in a stable ventilated for that reason, after which they can be put away without refrigeration for a little while.

Yam assortments are delegated either “firm” or “delicate.” When cooked, the previous are more thick; the last assortments turn out to be more delicate and soggy. Arrangements can be as immense the assortments, including bubbling, pounding, flame broiling, cooking, preparing, or sautéing.


Yams ought to never be refrigerated until the point when they’re cooked. Remains ought to be wrapped, refrigerated, and eaten inside a couple of days.

Medical advantages of Yam

In spite of the fact that they’re thought to be a boring vegetable, yams are comprised of complex starches and dietary fiber taking into account ease back take-up to keep glucose levels notwithstanding, giving it the gesture as a low glycemic list nourishment. The vitamin A that is changed over into beta-carotene when eating yams isn’t as fabulous as those in sweet potatoes, yet the cell reinforcements they give are remarkable. The vitamin An in yams has different capacities, for example, keeping up solid mucous films and skin, elevating night vision, supporting sound bone improvement, and giving assurance from lung and mouth diseases.


Yams are a decent wellspring of vitamin C – 27% of the every day esteem for battling contaminations, for example, colds and influenza and fast twisted mending, hostile to maturing, solid bones, and sound invulnerable capacity. It additionally gives great measures of fiber, potassium, manganese, and metabolic B vitamins. The substance of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine; 16% of the day by day esteem) is useful for contracting the impacts of homocysteine, which can do genuine harm to cell dividers that could prompt heart assaults and additionally stroke.

Different supplements in yams incorporate thiamin (vitamin B1), riboflavin, folic corrosive, pantothenic corrosive, and niacin. Copper (which produces solid red platelets), calcium, potassium (supporting ideal cell and body liquids), press, manganese (a segment in the super-powerful cancer prevention agent chemical superoxide dismutase), and phosphorus are body-useful minerals found in yams.

Chinese, Korean, and Japanese prescription has made utilization of yams for ages since they contain allantoin, despite the fact that that wasn’t generally known. This compound accelerates the recuperating procedure when connected as a poultice to bubbles and abscesses, but at the same time is utilized to animate craving and soothe bronchial inconvenience.


Unless they’re peeled and cooked, yams may contain poisons, for example, dioscorin, diosgenin, and tri-terpenes that you don’t get from sweet potatoes, so handle them with mind.

Concentrates on Yam

There’s a fascinating connection amongst yams and obnoxious menopausal manifestations. Wild yam removes have been considered as a conceivable cure, because of steroidal saponin mixes, yet there’s been nothing definitive up until this point. Among the saponin mixes is a synthetic known as diosgenin, which tests have appeared to apply a positive effect on hormonal examples, and conceivable advantages for bringing down the danger of osteoporosis.

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One yam assortment, Dioscorea bulbifera, was found in another examination to enhance ventricular capacity and ensure the tissues encompassing the heart. Tests on yams are continuous.


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