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Biscuit Protect You From Hepatitis


Biscuit Protect You From Hepatitis


Eat biscuit ‘, do not break Hepatitis Bidhanjan Verma, Varanasi. Dangerous regarded as disease ‘medical scientists to prevent hepatitis B and HIV have prepared an oral vaccine in the form of biscuits, which no one would like to eat

the man fondly. This vaccine is being approved by FDA for use on human beings. If there is no obstruction then the vaccine will be available commercially by 2018. Biscuit-like vaccine to the American medical scientists have prepared and their team of leading members named Banaras daughter and BHU former student Dr. Shweta Shah also ranks.


Vaccination was made about 30 years ago to prevent hepatitis B from the injection. It has to be kept in cold chains, for which continuous power supply is necessary. Safe use of the vaccine is also possible by the medical team. These all keep in mind the problems doctor John Howard PhD, president, Bio Applied Technology Institute (to be taken as the US) has Koldchen will replace the injection thought about making the vaccine tablet or drop.


Dr. Guru Rao and Rao J. of Indian-American Scientist of Iowa State University Corner teamed up with his team and prepared oral vaccine with genetically modified maize. The cost of a dose of this drug will be less than one dollar (about 60 rupees), which is ten times less than the prevailing vaccine. Dr. Shveta Shah, the leading member of this team, worked hard and took this research towards perfection. He also presented his report in the annual meeting of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. This research has also been published in the research journal Science Daily in March this year.

It is ‘Hepatitis B’


Hepatitis B is a serious infectious disease caused by the liver virus. No quality medicines are available for the treatment of the sufferers. The effect of its infection can remain throughout life. Finally, the patient becomes victim of liver cirrhosis, liver cancer and liver failure, and dies.

Former student of Dr. Shweta BHU


Mahmurganj Shivaji Nagar Colony resident Dr. Early education Shweta Shah in Central Dakshhdu Girls School. Then from BHU MSc in Chemistry. MITAC and PhD from IIT Delhi. He took the path of America for higher scientific studies and research. Seeing his hard work and passion, Dr Gurrao of Iowa State University joined his scientific team.


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