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Protect You From Hypo-thyroidism

Protect You From Hypo-thyroidism


Thyroid is a hormone producing gland that is behind the neck. Thyroid gland produces thyroid hormone. It affects every cell of the body, every organ and every tissue. It regulates body temperature, body weight, heart rate, digestive tract, energy. Although this is a very small organ, its better work is important for our health and well-being.



In thyroid condition, either thyroid hormone becomes more or more called hyper-thyroidism, which is called hypo-thyroidism. This gland is more effective in hyperthyroidism and produces thyroid hormone (thyroxine) more.


Foods with more salt


Salt is affected by thyroid gland, which is why people with hyper-thyroid should avoid excessive salt intake. Do not take seaweed, caps and no seafood, which contain iodine more. Those who have hyper-thyroidism should not eat it at all.




It should also be ignored. These are more likely to cause thyroid. If you are already suffering from hyper thyroidism, then you should not consume coffee, sugar and other stimulants. Instead you can take water and fruit juice.


Pure milk


Hyper-it should not be consumed in thyroidism. Its consumption is not right. That’s why it should look gloomy. Take cream or cream mixed milk which is easy to digest and healthy




The nutrients in this flour are less so that it is not easy to digest, rather than full grains. It is food with high glycemic index which can break the level of sugar and hormones in the blood. Foods containing glycemic index indices balance their hormones like thyroid in blood.


Foods with extra sugar


Hyper-thyroidists should not consume sugarcane, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup etc. The calorie and sugar present in them can increase blood sugar levels. High blood pressure, hyper thyroid can cause problems. Do not eat soft drinks, pan cakes, jam / jelly, cookies, cakes, pastries, candies, fight free yogurt, etc.